The Alberto Contador Foundation’s Plaza Éboli Cycling Academy presents its new video: “We’re just going to have fun”

17 January, 2020

The Alberto Contador Foundation has produced a small video about its Plaza Éboli Cycling  Academy, filmed by Alicante’s Atila Madrona, in another step to learn more about its activities and its firm commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports that can be used as a means of transportation.

Álvaro García Grande, the director of the academy, or Alberto Contador himself speak in a piece in which both the motivation and the objectives with which they work are remembered. For its existence, since September 2013, the great collaboration of the Plaza Éboli Shopping Center in Pinto, where its headquarters are located, is fundamental. “The main objective is to promote healthy habits, encourage the use of bicycles as a means of life and benefit the environment,” says García.

“Alberto is trying to give the children what he didn’t have when he was little. I would have liked to have had a academy in my time,” adds García. “It’s one of the most exciting projects and one that motivates us the most, a commitment to give back to cycling some of the great things it has given us”, says Alberto Contador. “Cycling is a sport that is very rich in values and the existence of schools makes it easier to access this activity”.

The competition is not an end in itself for the school, just another possibility, and this is an approach that has been worked on with insistence from the Foundation, since the consideration, the general idea, in many cases associates both concepts and feeds a misunderstanding ‘a cycling academy is to run and win races. “The kids are looking forward to Sundays, but not just for racing. We’re just going to have a good time. They get together, play, interact with each other and with kids from other schools and other villages. The first objective is that they don’t fall down, that they don’t get hurt. I don’t care about winning,” says García.

The Plaza Éboli Cycling Academy of the Alberto Contador Foundation has about thirty participants at the start of the year. Any time, however, is good for anyone interested to formalize their registration and take part in the activities. This includes the federal license, the new Gobik equipment and the sessions with the monitors that total four hours a week distributed in two sessions, one on Tuesdays and the other on Thursdays.

📸 Atila Madrona