The Plaza Éboli Cycling Academy resumes its activity after the holidays, faces the end of the calendar of Schools and receives five new additions

13 September, 2019

The arrival of September has brought good news for the Plaza Éboli Cycling Academy, with five new boys and girls who have formalized their registration to become part of it and some more interested in taking the step. Among the different categories, the cycling academy of the Alberto Contador Foundation currently has more than fifty boys and girls. Half a hundred members who make up an interesting volume of work now that they have returned the departures on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“It’s a figure that must be put in value,” says Felix Garcia Casas, sports manager of the Foundation’s teams. “Other years we perceived more difficulty in attracting new boys, but now the interest is much greater. I think we are succeeding in breaking the perception that it is a school exclusively for road bikes and only to compete. Until now we have never managed to reach this figure of the 50 registered. In the end, and this is something that we try to emphasize, the Academy is one more extracurricular activity and the fundamental thing is that all boys and girls enjoy themselves and have a good time. And that, at this age, is the message that needs to get through”6.

García Casas also highlights the arrival of several children between the ages of 6 and 8 years in order to start practicing with the bike. “It is something that makes us even more excited about the promotion of the bicycle, which is one of the priority objectives of our Cycling Academy”.

With the end of summer holidays and the return of classes materialized in the start of a new school year, in addition, the calendar of cycling academies in the Community of Madrid has resumed its celebration with the sixth edition of the Memorial Pepe Gomez de Galapagar, the first of the four remaining tests in a calendar that will end in the streets of Pinto by the hand of the third edition of its Race Schools Alberto Contador Foundation.

In Galapagar the Academy again had a large representation in which Sara Antón, with her fifth place in the category Women’s Infant, signed the most outstanding performance. The male Infantil category, with up to five riders, was the one in which the Foundation had the most presence. Daniel Sánchez finished tenth. Looking forward to this weekend the witness will pick up the town of Villalbilla with its IV Trofeo de Ciclismo Infantil.

“They are very entertaining days at all levels, both for those who are interested in joining us and for those who resume the pulse of the activities,” said Alvaro Garcia, responsible for the School. “Immediately you see who hasn’t taken the bicycle during the summer, who has taken it a lot, who has gone out and who hasn’t”. At the start of this Thursday, September 12, the fourth since the end of the holidays, Alberto Contador was present. The Madrid exciclist did not want to miss the opportunity to greet the children and came by surprise after one of their bike outings.

(automatic translation, sorry for mistakes)